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Alveston Parish Council

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Welcome to the official site for Alveston Parish Council. We hope you find it easy to use and the information informative and useful.

The Council is delighted to be working in partnership with Alveston.org to inform and to promote the activities of the community, its groups, the businesses and the people of the Parish.

You can now find minutes of Parish Council and committee meetings on this site.

For further information on any matter contact the Parish Office by email or phone 01454 413550.

Latest News

Alveston Post Office

After much chasing by the Parish Council, Community Forum, Luke Hall MP and several residents, we have at last received official notification from the Post Office regarding the temporary closure.

Click here to open their letter. The Parish Council will endeavour to keep residents informed and place here on Alveston.org any new correspondence received from the Post Office.

Cross Hands Pub & Car Park

The Cross Hand Pub and Car Park site has recently been acquired by a developer whose view it is to redevelop the site for housing.

At the Parish Council meeting of 16th October a representative from the developer attended to inform the Council of their intentions. He discussed that it is highly unlikely that the Cross Hands could ever be used as a pub again due to its overwhelming lack of business, however if the building were to remain there is a possibility that its shell could stay as is, whilst the interior could be converted to apartments.

The other alternative is to demolish and use all land for new development.

The developer is prepared to discuss the future development with local residents before any decision is made with regard to planning submissions and will attend the planning committee meeting dated 20th November to gather views.

Clerk & Councillor Meeting Surgeries

The Parish Council councillors appreciate that to turn up to Parish Council meetings and discuss any ideas and/or issues an individual resident may have may be a little daunting.

Councillors have therefore decided to run Parish Council Surgeries (similar to the Police Beat Surgeries) where residents may turn up (without appointment) and discuss anything they wish with a Councillor or the Parish Clerk.

It is intended to run one per month alternating between Evenings (Ship) and afternoons (Alveston Parade).

Down Road Green Space – Deterrent of Vehicular Access (Update)

Further to the Parish Council instructing South Gloucestershire Council to conduct the C3 process (a formal instruction to utilities companies to provide information), this was returned with the guidelines (available to download as pdf documents via the links below) from each of the utilities affected.

A required diversion to infrastructure to facilitate the laying of boulders, mounds or installation of trees within the area specified would cost the Parish Council approximately £135,000.

Should the Parish Council wish to continue the formal application a (more accurate) C4 instruction would be required which would cost in the region of several thousand pounds.

In light of the financial implications to residents across the Parish the Parish Council resolved to discontinue the process.

Bristol Water
Openreach (British Telecommunications)
Sky Telecommunications Services
Wessex Water
Western Power Distribution

Apply for a Merlin Grant

Please Click here to download an information pack about a local community grant that is available for community groups and organisations to apply for up to £3,000.

Notice of Completion of External Audit

Click here to download a copy of Alveston Parish Council's annual return audit. [.pdf]

Councillors Wanted

We are looking to recruit new councillors and encourage all residents to consider joining this small group of local people who help to make the Parish a better place to live. This is a very good time to become involved in developing our community as there are many challenges and new and exciting opportunities for the year ahead.

Parish Councillors must be over 21, a British National or a Citizen of the Commonwealth or European Union and fulfil a local residency requirement. You are not a paid employee of the Council as the law forbids it and you don’t have to have a political affiliation.

The Parish Council encourages its ideals of Equal Opportunities to be more visible in its membership and no one should feel excluded or concerned that they wouldn’t know what to do. We operate a fairly informal approach and help and support as well as training is available to all.

If you are interested and want to find out more, contact any Parish Councillor or the Clerk at the Parish Office (contact details at the top of this page).

Dog Fouling and Vandalism

The Parish Council is disappointed to report that they have received several complaints relating to both dog fouling and vandalism.

It is obvious that neither individual Councillors nor the Parish Clerk have resources available to rectify this problem but would please ask residents to be responsible and proactive in maintaining Alveston‘s wellbeing.

Dog fouling and Graffiti can be reported to South Gloucestershire Council on the “report it” section of their website or alternatively inform the Parish Clerk and he will do this for you!

Parish Council Meetings 2017

Click here to download a list of Full Council and Committee meetings for 2017.

Alveston Parish Play Equipment

Alveston Parish Council

Each year the Parish Council are required to have all play equipment checked by an independent authority to ensure that all equipment is safe for children to use. (ROSPA Inspection - Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents).

The Clerk reported to Councillors at the recent Playing Fields and Open Spaces meeting that the inspection had been completed and there were no major issues or faults to rectify.

The ongoing Play Equipment maintenance schedule for 2017 had been approved by Councillors at that meeting.

Greenhill Parade Telephone Box – Use it or lose it!

A final decision relating to the two public telephone boxes within the Parish had been received from South Gloucestershire Council: the telephone box located on Thornbury Hill (opposite the Ship Hotel) will be removed, but the box located at GREENHILL ROAD will remain.

67 calls were made from this box within the past 12 months and whilst this is not near the 120 calls benchmark set by BT for frequent usage, it does demonstrate that the payphone is used on average at least once a week, and therefore substantiates the consultation feedback.

South Gloucestershire Council have recommended that British Telecom reviews call volumes over the next 3 years and another proposal for removal of the payphone may be submitted if usage drops significantly.

Attention all Community Groups! - Implementation of the Community Benefit Scheme - Ecotricity

The Green Britain Foundation is the independent charitable arm of Ecotricity, set up in 2012, to help realise the company’s vision of a Greener Britain. This foundation supports charity-led and community projects within the areas that their windfarms are located. The vision of Green Britain is simply one where everyone can live far more sustainably. The three big issues they wish to tackle are; Energy, Transport and Food – hence these are the three main themes of the work of the Green Britain Foundation who are committed to support and undertake initiatives to promote sustainability in each of these areas.

Also The Green Britain Foundation aims to address another aspect of Greening Britain through supporting the creation of new wildlife habitats and making room for birds, bees and other creatures that are essential to Britain being truly green. Their mission is to inform, educate and empower people to take the small and the big steps towards living in a greener Britain.

Once the Alveston Wind Farm is up and running Alveston Community Groups will be able to apply for Community Benefit funding. Ecotricity will set aside £1,000 per megawatt (MW) of capacity per year. The scheme is for three 2.3MW wind turbines (6.9MW) making the total level of funding available to be £6,900 per annum for 25 years.

If your organisation is a registered charity or an organised community group within the Parish of Alveston, Rudgeway & Earthcott and your idea is going to materially advance sustainability across one of more of these themes:- Energy (the promotion of green energy in Britain). Transport (the promotion of green transport in Britain) Food (the promotion of sustainable food in Britain) and/or Nature Conservation (the conservation of wildlife and habitats), Ecotricity is now inviting Community Benefit grant applications.

It’s easy to apply. Simply read through the details on this form to check whether your application will fit with the funding criteria and complete the details and either submit via the Parish Clerk or direct to Ecotricity. If you would like to informally talk this through please contact the Parish Clerk (who has been briefed by Ecotricity) by email on: or phone 01454 413550.

South Gloucestershire Council - Member Awarded Funding (MAF)

The Member Awarded Funding scheme is a new way for South Gloucestershire Councillors to support their local community.

In February 2016 South Gloucestershire Council resolved to replace the previous Community Grants programme with a scheme that gives Councillors the opportunity to make awards to projects and services that benefit residents in their ward.

How will Member Awarded Funding work?

Under the new arrangements, each Councillor has £3,000 to award to local projects and services before 31 March 2017.

If you have an idea for a project or service that will benefit your local community, contact your councillor to discuss your plans.

For more information, see the MAF information on the Community Engagement Forums page.

Courtesy to Disabled Pedestrians

It has come to light recently that residents’ cars and delivery vans have been parking entirely on the pavement causing an enormous inconvenience to wheel chair users, blind pedestrians and other disabled residents as they are required to divert their route onto the road and in some cases (for wheel chair users, where a drop kerb does not exist) a lengthy detour is required.

Could residents please show courtesy, respect and some common sense and ensure that free access to our pavements is available to all.

Commencement of the Construction Phase for the Alveston Wind Park

Ecotricity has commenced the construction of the Alveston Wind Park located at the South of Earcthcott Green adjacent to the B4427 (Old Gloucester Road). It is expected that the three turbines will be erected and operating by the end of 2017. Ecotricity received planning consent for a new grid connection to ensure that the already consented wind park could go ahead.

For further details and to stay updated visit – www.ecotricity.co.uk/alveston.

Designated green space in Alveston Parish (Local Green Space Designation)

Under the recent consultation South Gloucestershire Council designated the following areas as “local green space”: - Jubilee & Limekiln Fields, Alveston Allotments, Thornbury Cricket Club Pitch, Paddock Gardens, Beanhill Crescent and Church Road, Old Village Green.

Alveston Police Matters

Visit the Thornbury and Alveston team page to find out who's fighting crime in our area, along with their calendar of events, current policing priorities, and tweets.

The Thornbury Police team have recently undergone change with the transfer of Sean White and Rowley Lock, to whom The Parish Council would like to thank for their dedication and commitment to the local community.

The Parish Council welcomes, Adrian Fallows (Neighbourhood Sergeant) and Malcolm Webley (Neighbourhood Beat Manager) to the Parish ( The Police team are located at Thornbury Police Station – Town Hall, High Street.)

Police Sergeant Adrian Fallows attended the Parish Council meeting in November to introduce himself to Councillors and residents and stated that a generic Police report will be issued every month encompassing his whole area rather than completing separate reports for each Parish. This report will be placed on Alveston.org each month as soon as the Clerk receives it.


Alveston Parish which includes Rudgeway and Earthcott is situated around the Ridgeway between Bristol and Gloucester. Earthcott on the eastern slope away from the river Severn, Rudgeway straddling the ridge and Alveston, the newer village clusters to the east.

Situated in the district of South Gloucestershire, Alveston is approximately 3 miles to the south of Thornbury with excellent road links to Bristol, Gloucester and easy access via the nearby M5 and M4 to major routes in all directions. Express and local bus services provide excellent links to adjacent communities and services.

Alveston is a compact medium sized village with much of the settlement comprising properties built in the 60’s and 70’s. At the hub of the Parish’s vibrant community the village of Alveston is well supported by a range of shops, churches, cemetery, pre-school and nurseries, primary and secondary schools, community buildings, several pubs and hotels, recreation grounds, children’s play areas and a multitude of community groups to cater for all ages.

The 1894 Local Government Reform Act enabled Parish Councils to be set up and Alveston Parish Council held its first meeting in December of that year. The early Council role was to “oversee the poor,” provide low cost properties and maintain redundant churchyards.

There are now some 8,500 parish councils in England and Alveston Parish Council represents approximately 3,000 residents in Alveston, Rudgeway, Earthcott Green and the surrounding countryside.

The Council has an overall responsibility for the well-being of the local community with their work falling into the three main areas of representation, delivering services and striving to improve quality of life in the parish. This work is achieved using the funds collected from all residents by the setting of a Precept which is collected through the Council Tax system.

Services provided and maintained by the Parish Council include the Cemetery, play areas and playing fields, footpaths, dog and litter bins and planning consultation.

Public Rights of Way – in a nutshell

Alveston's footpaths are there for all of us to enjoy, but who owns what, and who is responsible for their upkeep?

Click here to download a handy guide from South Gloucestershire Council's Public Rights of Way team. [.pdf]

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